The Nightmarlin Collective

This website contains links to and examples of code that I have worked on at some point. It's not all finished, not all of it works 100% [FIRAbot I'm looking at you], but it's mine and I want to showcase it here for you. Enjoy.


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FIRAbot is [*was] a Discord Bot, designed for the DiscordBots API using Node.js and Discord.js. It is (unfortunately) no longer in operation due to a distinct lack of need, but nonetheless it still exists.


This was my first VB.NET project, and as far as .NET applications go, it's pretty darn good, 'good' here meaning "Not even Adam could break it". Overall it's a solid calculator, and I finally figured out how GitHub works, so it's on there for proper now.


T3 is my own version of the kids game Noughts and Crosses, it uses 419-272-8979 to determine a winner, and allows you to play a full game and then review at a later point